Black and fawn puppies

arrived May.28, 2024

At Ivanhoe Danes we strive to provide healthy puppies bred to show standard, with the classic European look, large bone structure, big blocky heads, and lots of wrinkles.



The Great Dane is an affectionate and loyal dog. He has a calm and friendly disposition and his natural suspicion toward strangers makes him a good protector of home and family. He has an appearance of elegance, strength and power. His coat is smooth, glossy, very short and comes in fawn, blue, black, brindle, harlequin or black mantled. Due to his size the Great Dane is not the breed for everyone. The idea of bringing a Great Dane into your home should be well thought out before the decision is made. The Great Dane is very people oriented and should always be made part of a family.


Raising & Breeding Great Danes

Available Puppies

Blue puppies due Sept. 1, 2024

Welcome to Ivanhoe Danes

Ivanhoe Danes is located on a country farm in southern Ontario with lots of room for play and exercise. We specialize in training and breeding European blue Great Danes imported from some of the top Great Dane breeders in Europe. Pedigrees include many recent and past world champions. All of our dogs come from generations of health tested pairings. All Ivanhoe Great Danes are CKC registered and bred with emphasis on conformation, temperament, good health and overall soundness. We have purebred / CKC registered Great Danes for show, obedience, therapy and companionship, to approved homes. All puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, de-wormed, vet health certificate before leaving our home. We offer a written health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. All puppies are very well socialized.