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We can transport your puppy by plane. We have puppies in homes all over Canada. Please inquire for pricing as prices may vary depending on the location and size of carrier needed. We do ask that during extreme weather conditions, to please remain patient as restrictions do apply. We will not ship puppies  if we are not absolutely sure they will arrive happy and healthy. 


 When transporting by air, we provide you with shot records, health certificate and vet check  statements, registration papers, a carrier,  shredded paper to keep the puppy as clean as possible, water bowl.  We recommend you bring newspapers,  paper towels, and a spray cleaner to clean the carrier upon arrival. These big pups can really make a mess during flight and the airport officials are not allowed to open the carriers to clean them.  It makes your trip home with your new puppy a much more pleasant experience.  

We would love to have you come pick your puppy up. Make sure if you are using this method, you come prepared to travel with such a large puppy. A Medium to Large size kennel is appropriate depending on the age and weight of your puppy. Bring newspapers, paper towels and a garbage bag for clean up. They also need plenty of water and drink on the trip home. A leash will also be needed for bathroom breaks or exercise.  Large breed puppies travel very well and do not seem to get as stressed as smaller breeds.  

Please contact us for current puppy availability, or with any questions you may have.

With the purchase of a puppy we offer a 2 year limited health guarantee, and a lifetime breeder support. All puppies come health checked by veterinarian, and are up to date on vaccinations.

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